alyves are located opposite the entrance of the gulf of Souda in the ancient area of Ippokoronio which was named like this because the whole area was fertile and green and for this reason it was chosen for the horses of the king to graze (the horses of korona)

Kalyves owe their contemporary name to the Arab pirates who in 828 A.D. Built in the area huts to stay in. In  the west of Kalyves there is the small village “Kalami” with “Itzedin fortess” ,which was built during the Turkish domination and later it was used as a prison for those sentenced to death .In the same direction there is the village “Megala Chorafia” with the ancient city of Aptera whose ruins are preserved in the impressive archaeological site.

Apokoronas consists of 75 villages which are suitable for hiking and long walks.

There is evidence which prove that in Apokoronas there has been human presence since the Neolithic Era that is 8000-6000 years B.C.

For example ,in Melidoni there are remains of this era as well as in the region between Samonas and Stylos colonizing of the same era has been found.

Below Aptera tombs of the late-Minoan era with a lot of pots and near Stylos a tomb and the ruins of a ceramic furnace have also been found .Moreover in the village “Fylaki “ a tomb and other important findings of the same era have been found .

Finally in Apokoronas have been located 213 caves with historic and environmental value.

There are also many gorges like the gorge of Diktamos which starts at ‘Katohori Keramion”

and ends near Stylos .Also the canal of ST.Nikolas between Ramni and Machairoi.

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